Thorough Carpet Cleaning & Window Cleaning

Based in West Hurley, New York, ALL SET Home Management can provide traditional general cleaning services as well as customer specific and heavy duty cleaning services. We can also help manage and fascilitate your current cleaning service provider.

Seasonal Services

Our residential house cleaning is available for all home owners looking for a top-to-bottom seasonal cleaning. This includes interior and exterior window cleaning, carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing siding, decks, walkways, driveways and sheds. We also provide lawncare, landscaping and snow plowing services.

General Cleaning Services

General cleaning services usually include but not limited to, cleaning all surfaces, i.e. countertops, tables, range tops, refrigerator tops and doors, microwave ovens, oven doors, inside and out, range hood tops, cabinet fronts, dishwasher doors, shower stalls, tubs, vanities and sinks and toilet bowls inside and out, as well as top and sides of tank. General cleaning also includes emptying crumb trays on toasters and toaster ovens, cleaning out coffee makers, putting dishes away from dishwasher and hand washing dishes, drying and putting away. In addition, this service will change linens, and make beds and can launder linens if requested however, this does NOT include personal laundry. If there is not laundry facilities on premises, or the appliances are not adequate, we can provide drop off and pick up of linens for your home or rental. General cleaning service will dust along wall baseboards, ceiling corners, all furniture, lamps, electronics, ceiling lights (if reachable) and ceiling fans if accessible. This service will vacuum all floors, and mop hardsurface flooring. This service also disinfects light switches, and door knobs.

Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal cleanings and heavy duty cleaning are very similar. Seasonal cleanings include window washing inside and out, window screens removed, cleaned and replaced. Window frames are cleaned inside and out and any damage or additional maintenance that is detected will be reported to the owner. All set can provide the necessary repairs or the owner may choose to do it themselves or contract soemone else. This maintenance issue could include window caulking, rotting window frames, pest damage etc. Seasonal cleaning includes cleaning window blinds, changing drapery, and changing seasonal bedding. This type of cleaning includes ladders to access lights, fans, beams, and ceilings that are not accessible otherwise. Tops of kitchen cabinets, pulling out refrigerator and vacuuming under and behind as well as back of refrigerator itself would also be part of a seasonal or heavy duty cleaning. If there is carpet, this would be the time to have carpets steam cleaned or chemically cleaned, customer choice, and that can be coordinated thru Allset. If there are hardwood floors, this would be the time to think about applying a heavy duty wax and buff to protect and preserve the floor finish. Grout stone or tile flooring should also be cleaned and conditioned seasonally. Granite countertops should also be conditioned at least annually depending on use. Butcherblock countertops should be conditioned with food safe mineral oil as well.

All Set can customize your cleaning needs!

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