Vital Home Maintenance & Lawn Maintenance

ALL SET Home Management offers Home Management and Maintenance services near Ulster and Green Counties, New York. Our regularly scheduled monitoring of the homes interior and exterior is designed to find and address issues before they become large expensive problems. Examples: running all taps, toilets and faucets to check for leaks, clogs or frozen pipes and correct any issues that may be present depending on the season. Cycling light bulbs around the home, and replacing as needed including appliances. Check all appliances for functionality. Ask about regularly starting vehicles, motorcycles or generators that you don't want left sitting for extended periods. We also provide full handy man services.

Maintaining Property

Our team performs security checks in the home to make sure that all of the doors and windows are locked, and that the smoke detectors are working properly. We even check water softeners and filtration and maintain as needed. We also check for signs of rodents, insects, or pests in the home and take appropriate steps.

We perform exterior services, such as checking lighting, siding, decks, and railings, ensuring there is no loose material or water damage. Other exterior work includes checking gutters are in place, completing scheduled lawn maintenance, and any needed pool or hot tub fixes. Please note some services require the service of subcontractors.

Why do you need ALL SET Home Management Services?
Do you own a second or third home that is unoccupied for long periods of time?
Do you have /pools that require monitoring and maintenance?
Do you have a driveway that needs plowing in winter, filling or coating in the summer?
Do you have a lawn that needs mowing and trimming?
Do you have carpets or rugs that need cleaning?
Do you have windows that need cleaning?
Do you need firewood for your fireplace or wood stove?
Do you need housekeeping services?
Do you need garbage removed after your stay?
Do you need supplies delivered before your arrival?
Do you need the house checked when the security/alarms have been triggered?
Do you return to your fulltime residence and wonder if you:
Locked and secured all the windows and doors?
Shut down the hot tub?
Made sure there were no burning embers in the fireplace?
Lowered the thermostats?
Emptied the garbage?
Removed the perishables from the kitchen?
Do you spend hours locating plumbers, electricians, contractors, or other repair services?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you need ALL SET Home Management Services,
your one stop solution to all your home maintenance and service needs!